. Species of Tube Traveller #5 - The Snail

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Species of Tube Traveller #5 - The Snail

One of the less evil (in terms of intention) tube traveller subspecies, but a nuisance nonetheless, The Snail is not particularly slow as its name may suggest, but instead is encumbered by a huge piece of luggage on their backs, making it very difficult for the normal commuter to get past them or join them in the carriage. What is in these bags? Could they be transporting their young? Have they just come back from the quarry, or do they like to exhibit their strength? If you know, please get in touch.

The Snail

I have also observed a sub-sub species of The Snail, who instead of having the bag on the back, may trail it behind them. In some ways, these specimens are more dangerous than the traditional Snail species as the bags often serve to trip people up. Of course, this may be a hunting tactic, and a viable one at that, so be especially careful around these creatures. Sprinkling salt on these specimens does not seem to get rid of them like I hoped; instead it seems to aggravate them slightly. 

Habitat – Everywhere that is limited in space

Special Skills – Blocking, taking up space, tripping people up, hoarding

Weaknesses – Broken shoulder straps, lemon jelly

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